Giving Back


“Fielding Your Best Team”

Organizational Awards
1 Seymour FFA1st Place: Seymour, IA FFA $ 500
2nd Place: Adair-Casey, IA FFA $ 400
3rd Place: Audubon, IA FFA $ 300
4th Place: Orient-Macksburg, IA FFA $ 200
5th Place: Graettinger-Terril, IA FFA $ 200
6th Place: HLV-Victor, IA Music $ 100
7th Place: Pender, NE FFA $ 100
8th Place: Newtown Harris, MO FFA $ 100
9th Place: Murray, IA FFA $ 100
10th Place: College Springs, IA FFA $ 100



2 Adair-Casey FFA 2nd Place

3 Audubon FFA 3rd Place

At 4 Seasons we appreciate all of our customers and relationships. As a thank you, we rewarded these groups for averaging the greatest number of items sold relative to the size of their school.

We also rewarded the very deserving group, Indianola IA FFA for having the greatest number of items sold per group. They are being rewarded $400.00!