Quality Products

We think that offering a variety of items for our customers is what is truly important. Each of our brochures is packed full of quality items that is sure to offer something for everyone.  We pride ourselves in delivering the highest-quality products possible.

If you have an appetite for meat & cheese, our Appetite brochure is one of our best! This brochure is full of variety for any need or occasion you have. Whether it be for a holiday gift, a snack for a party, or simple enjoyment for home, you will find it in this brochure. Bacon jerky, 3lb summer sausage log, cheese cups and more… Check it out!

When it comes to fruit, taste matters! We offer the freshest fruit possible that delivers the sweet and juicy taste that everyone desires when they take a bite. If you’re not satisfied, we want to know.

Our Parlour brochure is like going to a snack shop. We offer great variety of boxed novelty chocolates, nuts, snack mixes, gummi bears, and much more. The price is right and quality matters!

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies right out of the oven? Delicious, fresh cookies in minutes.  We offer a 3lb. cookie dough tub brochure which has 11 high quality flavors of cookies to choose from as well as a pre-portioned cookie dough brochure. Each box makes 44 1 oz. cookies. No mess, just place, bake, and enjoy warm cookies right out of the oven! The best part is that you can pick your retail pricing within a range, which is great for maximizing your profits!

World’s Finest Chocolate is truly the “Best Value in Fund Raising!” Chocolate for as low as $1 and the Three Winners Coupon on the wrapper provides you and your customers more value than the chocolate itself! Check out www.threewinners.com for more information. Every bar of chocolate is worth $20 with Three Winners coupons!

Our recently added Yankee Candles, are a wonderful “non-food” option for raising funds. Offering the nationally recognized brand highest quality products with prices comparable to those in retail stores. Items are available in a variety of price ranges to the customers, which generate 40% profit on every sale. You can sell by catalog and/or sell online. The new Mobile App makes inviting friends, family, co-workers, social media contacts easy from your phone.

Why Choose to Fundraise with 4 Seasons?

  1. Over 40 years of experience
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Quality products
  4. Higher profits
  5. Fundraisers that meet school wellness policies
  6. No upfront costs
  7. Online shopping website
  8. Wide variety of products
  9. Incentive programs for all ages
  10. Organizational awards to our customers

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