Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to have a fundraiser?

Some of our most popular fundraisers are seasonal, so planning around that is a great start! For instance,

  • Fresh Produce: Sell August-October. Deliver November-December.
  • Fall Pies: Sell August-October. Deliver November
  • Spring Pies: Sell January-March. Deliver April
  • Strawberries: Sell January-February. Deliver March

All other programs can be sold year-round. We advise picking a program that is different from others within your school/community. Finding your “niche” fundraiser is the key to community familiarity which leads to consistency and growth of sales.

What groups does 4 Seasons Fundraising work with?

A majority of our groups are High school CTSOs, Class Sponsors, Sports Teams, Bands/Choir, etc.

We are not limited to who we partner with! Interested in selling? Then we are interested in helping you make money!

What is the student's responsibility in the fundraiser?

Your students are the face of your fundraiser. They reach out to their network of family/peers by registering online & sharing their store and/or go door to door to communicate what they’re selling.

What types of fundraisers do you offer?

To view brochures, go to our products page.

Seasonal: Produce, Frozen Pies, Strawberries

Year Round: Meat/Cheese, Chocolates/Snacks, Cookie Dough, Worlds Finest Chocolates, Gifts, Frozen Foods, and Online Donations

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a 150-item minimum. To receive free delivery, there is a 400-item minimum.

Do customers who order online pay for shipping?

Yes and no.

Ship to School Online Store: Local customers who want to take advantage of ordering online can do so and their order(s) will be delivered for free by the seller they ordered from once the group’s entire order has been delivered.

Ship to Home Online Store: Customers who want their order to be shipped to their home will pay for shipping & handling.

Please note, we are happy to be able to ship fresh produce & cookie dough, however, due to their perishable nature, we must charge extra for the special packaging and dry ice to ship those products.

Customers can delete those items from their cart at checkout if they do not wish to pay the price.

How long should we sell?

We recommend selling for 2 weeks, or a sales period including 2-3 weekends. However, you may sell for a longer or shorter period if you wish.

When will fruit prices be available?

Confirmed fruit prices will be available by October 1st.

Can we do both a fall/holiday and spring sale?

Yes! We recommend you do different programs and make sure other groups within the school/community are not also selling that program.

Order Submission / Teacher Dashboard

How do we track the funds raised online?

4 Seasons’ provides the fundraising sponsor with access to our Teacher Dashboard (sponsor portal).

Once logged in, the sponsor may monitor online sales in real time, check to see who has/hasn’t registered for online sales, enter and submit the group’s order online AND download reports to keep for their records.

How & when do we submit our order?

Orders are due three weeks prior to delivery date. These details are also found in the Chairperson guide included with your sales materials if you need to check back.

Online Tally: Orders can be submitted online via the Tally Program found in your Teacher Dashboard. Sellers/Students will have access to enter their own orders as well. After the order is submitted, you’re able to print Excel reports to keep for your records.

Mail: OR, you may gather your brochures (separated by seller NOT brochure type) and mail them to our office where we will tally them for you.

What is my Group Code? And where do I find it?

Your group code is the code used to identify your group and the code used to register for your group’s online sales. This code is emailed to you from your rep & is included in your Sponsor packet, found in your sales materials sent to you prior to your sale starting.

How do I add late orders and how late can I add them to my original order?

You must fill out our Add-On Form found in your order confirmation email from

You have 3 days from receiving the order confirmation email to round up any additional orders and get them to us. Please add all additional orders to this form for all students.


When do we collect the money?

We recommend you collect money up front so that you aren’t shorted later on.

What types of payments are accepted from customers when selling?

Customers can pay with cash, check, or credit/debit card through 4 Seasons PayFund. We also offer online ordering via the online store.

How do students accept debit/credit cards?

PayFund – instructions found in the seller’s sales materials and on the back of the brochure. This is a payment portal only (similar to PayPal or Venmo). A third option of payment for those that do not carry cash or checks.

If a customer chooses to use PayFund for payment, the seller MUST write down their order on the brochure. PayFund is NOT an online order, only another form of payment.

Whom do customers make their checks out to?

Checks are made out to the organization only – not to 4 Seasons.

How do I handle payment/profit?

After 4 Seasons Fundraising has delivered your order, you will receive an e-mail with your group summary and an invoice. This invoice will break down:

  • Total Retail Sale
  • Group Profit
  • Subtotal (total retail sale minus profit amount)
  • Shipping Charge
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Total Amount Due to 4 Seasons Fundraising – You keep the profits!
When will the invoice be sent?

Invoices are sent 10 days after delivery to ensure that everything is taken care of.

You may request your invoice be sent earlier if you don’t have any corrections/reorders.


Is there a shipping charge?

Sales of less than 400 items will pay a $95 delivery fee.

Sales of 400 items or more will receive free shipping.

How do we store our cookie dough?

Cookie dough should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. Freezing the cookie dough will extend its shelf life.

How do we store our pies?

Pies must be stored in a freezer until ready to bake or thaw for consumption.

At delivery, if you do not have a freezer available to store your product until students can deliver, we recommend to keep the pies plastic wrapped on the pallet until ready for seller distribution.

Do online orders ship directly to the customers or to the school/group?

They can deliver to both, but only if your group opted for these options. The customer has two choices. They can place an order online and have their products shipped directly to their home, or local customers can place an order online and have them delivered for free to the School/Group at the regular delivery.

How long will it take for our orders to come in?

Standard order turnaround time is 3 weeks from receiving your order. Delivery timeline can vary based on the situation and seasonal programs.

Do we sort our products at delivery?

Non-fruit items can be pre-packaged per seller by 4 Seasons at no additional cost. Meaning, all non-fruit items are pre-sorted in boxes with the seller/student’s name on them for easy distribution on delivery day. So simple for you!!

Fruit can be delivered in bulk where you sort the gift boxes yourself OR 4 Seasons can pre-sort gift boxes for your group.

How do we handle missing, incorrect or damaged items?

The Fillable Correction Form can be found in your delivery confirmation email sent from, or it’s available on the Sales Tools Resources page. Please fill out this form entirely and submit it once. We advise you to wait 72 hours before submitting this form.

If there is an issue with product quality, what is 4 Seasons' refund/replacement policy?

To be eligible for a credit/refund or replacement, any claim of spoilage or damage must be made by the school/organization sponsor within 72 hours of 4 Season’s delivery to the organization.